Thursday, March 25, 2010


On Sunday I passed the three-year anniversary of passing my checkride and becoming a pilot. As I've done the last two years, I wanted to pause and take an inventory of the year. Here's what it looked like, at least from a statistical perspective:
  • I flew 115.0 hours, compared to 114.4 hours last year.

  • 77.5 of those hours were cross-country flights (with a landing more than 50NM from where I started), compared to 78.2 last year.

  • I made 85 landings, compared to 112 last year.

  • I carried 25 different people, 11 of whom I had never flown with previously, and 7 of which had never been in a small plane. Four of them were age 7 or younger.

  • From Maine to Tennessee, and west to Indiana, I flew to 17 new (to me) airports, and landed in 13 different states. This is compared to 23 new airports last year.

  • Jodie flew with me more than a third of the time, 41.3 hours, compared to 32.6 last year.

  • I flew on 7 overnight trips, some for work, some for family events, and some for vacations. This is fewer than last year (11), but includes the "man-cation" with Ryan that had us at a different airport for three nights in a row.

  • I obtained my instrument rating and passed the written exam for my commercial pilot's license.

That was a good year. My first commercial flight lesson was scheduled for Monday morning, the first day of my 4th year as a pilot. We ended up rescheduling until yesterday, but at least the year is off to a good start!


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