Monday, January 25, 2010

Nephew Flying

In the last several months, I've spent a lot of time with my brother, Wes, my sister-in-law, Brandie, and my nephews, Emerson and Owen. Emerson is now four and has a long, well-documented history of a fascination with airplanes. Owen is now two.
One Friday a few months ago, they all came and stayed over. Saturday morning looked like a nice day, so I asked if they wanted to go to the airport. The answer, predictably, was yes. They LOVE going to the airport. Em and Owie think the DC-3 owned by Remote Area Medical (RAM) is a bomber, and they love to go see it. There was even a Saturday when they had stayed over and Emerson woke up early, so he and I went to the airport and sat in the Tiger for a while.
Despite his fascination with airplanes, however, Emerson has never wanted to go for a flight. The most he's ever done was ride in the airplane while I taxied it around with Em and Brandie.
On this particular Saturday, we went to the airport, looked at the airplanes, and pretended to fly.
Owen loved it just as much as Em, at least as long as he had Scruffy with him.
Then I asked, for maybe the 100th time, "Hey, do you guys want to go for a ride?" Em immediately said no, but to my surprise, Owen said yes. This prompted Em to reconsider and also say yes. I jumped on this opportunity as quickly as I could, and started doing quick weight and balance calculations. Fortunately, the Tiger's gas tanks were not full, and we could fly within limitations.
Emerson helped me get everything ready.
Then he settled into his car seat that I had securely strapped into the back of the plane.
Owie was young enough that he could sit on his dad's lap.
Brandie climbed in back with Emerson.
We put headsets on the boys, but they were way too big.
I took off and we flew around for 5 minutes. The air was smooth, but the visibility was not all that great.
Em's headset kept falling off, so he finally gave up and didn't put it back on.
He seemed to enjoy the flight, but he kept a firm grip on Brandie's hand.
I wanted to keep the flight short to avoid any possibility of the boys becoming scared, so after only 5 minutes or so we turned back to the airport and landed.
Man, I do love my nephews.


Blogger Craig Gomulka said...

hi Greg, congratulations on getting your nephews up in the air, it's a great feeling to share the love for aviation. I'm not sure if you saw it, but I also had the chance to get my nephew flying as well a year ago or so:

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