Sunday, September 09, 2007

Family Flying 1 - Introduction

I was in Maine this past week. The trip had originally been planned as a trip to Boston for work-related stuff, and I scheduled a little vacation around those days. Then my work commitment was cancelled. Since my in-laws were now planning to fly to Maine for part of the week, I decided to add a couple days to my vacation and stay for the whole week. It was a great time, in no small part because of the flying I got to do.

I previously wrote about the beautiful clear skies I saw in Maine, as well as my attempts to take my dad flying. This time it all came together. I reserved a plane for a 4-hour block on Sunday evening, from 5 to 9. Once it became known that I was giving rides, my family members literally lined up at the airport fence.

The weather was absolutely perfect. Nice and cool, in the 60s, with tremendous visibility, no turbulence, and only the lightest winds on the ground. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky.

I flew four people: my grandmother (Nana), my mom, my dad, and my youngest brother, Wes. I'm going to write about each flight separately, because each one meant something different to me, and it would be a very long post to write it all at once. Those accounts will be coming shortly. For now, here's my updated ride list:
  • Eric G. (DONE)
  • Eric W.
  • Dad (DONE)
  • Millie (DONE)
  • Chloe B. (DONE)
  • Ryan L.
  • Ted K.
  • Len G.
  • Mom (DONE)
  • David (DONE)
  • Jessica (DONE)
  • David L.
  • Mike D.
  • Wes (DONE)
  • Nana (DONE)
  • Emerson
  • Brandie
  • Jodie
  • Amy M.
  • Pete G.



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