Saturday, August 18, 2007

Where Does It Come From?

Where does the yearning to fly and love of flying come from? Long before my first flying lesson, I was certain that I knew what it felt like to fly. My dad, though not a pilot, was in the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserves, and loved planes. So maybe the seed was planted in me simply by my father talking about airplanes and flying.

But I wonder.... I have a friend in my flying club that has twin little girls. One of them absolutely loves airplanes, and yells "Clear Prop!" when her parents put their keys in the ignition to their car. Her twin sister, though, apparently doesn't care that much one way or the other.

My nephew, Emerson, seems to have been born with the love of airplanes. His parents took him to an airshow when he was about 20 months old and he was enthralled.

They had to chase him all over the tarmac as he looked at the planes. After a second airshow, he started "flying," holding his arms back like a swept-wing jet and running around the house -- and this is a kid who's barely old enough to stand up by himself! Neither of his parents had any real, expressed interest in airplanes and flying.... (They have more of an interest now!) I put together a little montage for his airplane-themed second birthday. Take a look, then tell me, where does the love of airplanes come from?



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