Sunday, December 10, 2006

Places to go....

Jodie finished her Pinchhitter course yesterday morning, and she must have had some fun conversations, because last night she told me there are two airports she wants to fly to. Now, Jodie saying "I want to fly to...." is enough to get my attention at any time of day or night. As it stands, she's still decided that she won't fly with me until I've had my license for a year.

The two airports she wants to fly to are Kentmorr (3W3) and Sky Bryce (VG18). Kentmorr is a small grass strip on Kent Island, in the Chesapeake Bay and just a couple miles south of the Bay Bridge. There was a writeup on it not long ago in one of the aviation magazines I'm subscribed to, and it looks like a neat place, with great crab cake restaurant(s) within walking distance. I do know from looking it up on Google Earth that the approach end of Runway 10 is AT the edge of the Chesapeake, so that should be a fun landing. It's also only 2400 feet long, plenty long for the airplanes I fly, but shorter than I'm used to.

Sky Bryce is in the Virginia mountains and run by a ski resort. It is AT the ski resort, and you can walk from your plane to the lodge. I've heard that it's very cool, and there's been a trip there every year by a contingent from my club.

Neither airport is far away, so these can definitely be fun trips a year or so from now when Jodie starts flying with me. Kentmorr and crabcakes in the summer, Sky Bryce and snowboarding in the winter!



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